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The Busy Winter of 2017

As I mentioned in my last post, Connie and I had been planning a road trip to Florida to sort of shake off the winter blues. Connie’s Christmas gift was …

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Winter 2016

Winter 2016 has shaped up to be quite an adventure for Connie and me. We have had a lot of fun. We have worked pretty hard on the house and motorhome. We made some decisions which led to updating the motorhome's interior. We did all of this without getting a divorce. So, all in all, I would have to say it has been a good winter to date.
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The Lost Summer Part 1

My last blog post ended about the time Connie and I moved from Rocky Mountain RV Park in Gardiner, Montana to Indian Creek Campground in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming where we once again would work as volunteer campground hosts. So, the story continues from there.
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A Little Departure From My Normal Posts

For those of you who may have been expecting my normal sort of post regarding travel and photography allow me apologize. This post is a special tribute to someone whom I loved very much and will truly miss for the rest of my life. Recently, my Aunt Rose Marie Madia passed away.
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Fall and Winter Update

I was reviewing my blog to see how it looks on the new website and was astonished to realize I hadn't posted any updates since before we left Yellowstone National Park last fall. Thinking back I can see how time got away from me, but that is not a reasonable excuse. So, here is a fall and winter update.
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