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About Frank Madia

Welcome to our site

Frank called Wyoming home from birth until joining the United States Navy in 1971. Following a 35 year Navy career he and his wife, Connie,  retired to the life of full-time RVers. They traveled around the United States and Canada. In the six years that followed they visited all but four states in the Continental United States including Alaska. They also visited several Canadian Provinces.

In 2012 the couple settled down, sort of, in the Central Texas community of Kyle. Now, they spend the fall and winter months in Kyle while spending the shoulder seasons traveling. Their summers are spent in Yellowstone National Park.

During the couple’s travels, Frank refined his photography skills.  He now specializes in wildlife and nature photography. Frank is committed to conservation and wants his images to illustrate what is at risk if we do not protect our environment.  Through his photography, he hopes to help send the message that as a species we need to take care of the planet.

In parallel with creating this website, Frank also joined Fine Art America and Pixels.com as a contributor with the hope of selling some of his images.  Early in 2018, Frank decided to concentrate more on the photography and less on selling his images.  He continues to share his work for others to view on this site.

Those photographs on this site that have a purchase button are available for purchase on Fine Art America and Pixels.com.  The purchase button links to the same image on the sales site.  Should you find an image that you would like to purchase that does not have a purchase button contact Frank via the contact button in the menu and arrangements will be made.

Frank’s thoughts and impressions can be gleaned by reading On the Road With Frank, a blog contained here as well.

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What we do?

We travel, we see, we learn, we share, and most importantly, we conserve.

Who we are?

We are a mostly retired, caring couple trying to help keep the wild in the wild lands.

Why us?

Because we have the time, the ability, and the desire to share the wild and natural world with everyone.  We are dedicated to helping preserve our natural heritage for the next generation.

It is my intention to present – through the medium of photography – intuitive observations of the natural world which may have meaning to the spectators.

Ansel Adams - Photographer