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Archive: January 2016

The Lost Summer Part 3 Or The Final Chapter

The fall brings a lot of photographers to the park. They come for different reasons. Some come to try to capture images of the bull elk battling one another over a group of cow elk. Some come in search of bears fattening up for their long winter naps. Others show up in search of the limited yet spectacular fall colors of the park. There are also the wolf enthusiasts, they usually have the longest lenses.
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The Lost Summer Part 2

The rest of July and August were just a blur. I spent a lot of my off time trying to process the spring photographs and get them put up on my websites. It takes a finite amount of effort to keep the websites current. Much of that time is used to determine which images might actually sell and then study them for fatal flaws that could damage my reputation as a photographer. (That is a joke since I remain a photographer in training at the very best)
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