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Archive: June 2015

Our Final Days in Utah

Our final days in Utah started with our last remaining day of travel from our Panguitch base, so we tried to make the most of the day.  Our first stop of …

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More From Utah

I am a little ashamed to admit that three weeks into June I am still trying to get our May travels documented. However, in my defense, we have been very busy and have had very little time to do much of anything with computers except the occasional catching up on e-mail and paying bills. Of course I have been adding photographs to the computer as they are made. Finding time to write has been a real challenge. I may have to give up on sleep in order to catch up.
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Our Spring Journey Continues

Our spring journey continues from the greater Phoenix area northward into Nevada where we spent one night in Boulder City. We had several reasons for going into Nevada. In no particular order here are a few of those reasons. We had never had this motorhome in Nevada or Utah. Therefore our map of states visited had a huge hole in the west. We wanted to fill that hole. By the way, there is still a hole in the east, so maybe someday… We also wanted to try to get together with a former shipmate of mine who now lives with his wife in Henderson, Nevada just a few miles from Boulder City.
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