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On the Road with Frank

Immediately after retiring from the United States Navy Frank started a blog he named On The Road With Frank. The purpose of which was to share the travel experiences he and his wife were to have as they wandered around North America in their motorhome. While On The Road With Frank certainly fulfilled that goal, it also provided a venue to display some of Frank's photography. With the emergence of Frank Madia Photography, it was fitting to move the blog to FrankMadiaPhotography.com.

Fall and Winter Update

I was reviewing my blog to see how it looks on the new website and was astonished to realize I hadn't posted any updates since before we left Yellowstone National Park last fall. Thinking back I can see how time got away from me, but that is not a reasonable excuse. So, here is a fall and winter update.
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The Flowers of Yellowstone National Park – 2014

At long last I have identified as many of the flowers I took photos of over the course of the summer as my reference material will allow. There were a few I just could not get a clue for, so you won't be seeing them here. There were a few others that I was able to narrow down to a couple of choices and will present here with both possible names.
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Wildflowers or Bears?

I think I may have hinted that this next post was to feature many of the wildflowers that have adorned the park over the last two months.  However, we had …

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The Fourth of July Has Come and Gone

I must start this post with a final statement or two regarding the grizzly bear I discussed in my last two posts. I received a lot of feedback regarding the …

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Our First Few Weeks in the Park 2014

As I mentioned in my last post, we arrived in the Yellowstone area several days early so we could do some exploring before we started work.  That was a wise …

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We Have Arrived

We have made the trek from Texas to Gardiner, Montana where we are “relaxing” prior to starting our summer.  I put relaxing in quotations because we are doing anything but. …

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A New Adventure Awaits – or has it already started?

We are underway for our 4th summer in Yellowstone National Park Finally, the long winter is over and Connie and I have broken loose from our ever growing bonds in …

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Test Post of Blog With New Format Design

          I know I have gone a long while without a post.  There are a lot of reasons for that, none of which are important.  In this post I am …

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Mid-Summer Update Revisited

If you ever want to find out who reads your blog, all you have to do is send one out with a broken link.  Boy did I hear from a …

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Near Mid-Summer Update

                It is hard to believe that the summer season is approaching the halfway point.  We have been pretty busy, but we have also gotten to do a lot of …

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