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Fast Summer Morphs Into Faster Autumn and Winter

Fast Summer Morphs Into A Faster Autumn and Winter It appeared the summer of 2017 would just flash by. As mentioned before, the park and therefore the campground was busy. …

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Let the Summer of 2017 Begin

Our summer got off to a great start. We got to do some early traveling in and out of the park. We were visited by some great friends. We had an interesting owl adventure. I tested a new lens.
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Spring 2017 Finally Ends

Dinosaur National Monument would be our last planned sightseeing stop for our annual migration to Yellowstone National Park. With only three driving days remaining until we got to Gardiner, Montana …

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Spring 2017 Part 2

Our spring migration to Yellowstone National Park continues with Spring 2017 Part 2. We visited Durango and Silverton, Colorado via the Durango to Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. We also returned to Dinosaur National Monument for a more thorough look.
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Spring of 2017 Part 1

As I sit in front of my computer on December 14, 2017, realizing that even though there were several false starts over the course of the last several months, I …

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