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National Parks

Winter in Yellowstone National Park

It has long been a desire of mine to visit Yellowstone during the winter.  For anyone who has known me since late in my Navy career to the present, this …

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Fast Summer Morphs Into Faster Autumn and Winter

Fast Summer Morphs Into A Faster Autumn and Winter It appeared the summer of 2017 would just flash by. As mentioned before, the park and therefore the campground was busy. …

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Let the Summer of 2017 Begin

Our summer got off to a great start. We got to do some early traveling in and out of the park. We were visited by some great friends. We had an interesting owl adventure. I tested a new lens.
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Spring 2017 Finally Ends

Dinosaur National Monument would be our last planned sightseeing stop for our annual migration to Yellowstone National Park. With only three driving days remaining until we got to Gardiner, Montana …

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The Busy Winter of 2017

As I mentioned in my last post, Connie and I had been planning a road trip to Florida to sort of shake off the winter blues. Connie’s Christmas gift was …

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The Summer of 2016 Part 2 And The Trip Home

I believe I have discussed in an earlier article how different the fall season at Mammoth is from the summer season at Indian Creek. I have refined my opinion somewhat …

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The Summer of 2016 Part 1

The Explanation Over the years, I have been good, bad and somewhere in between when it comes to getting timely blog postings out. This year must have been the absolute …

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The Lost Summer Part 2

The rest of July and August were just a blur. I spent a lot of my off time trying to process the spring photographs and get them put up on my websites. It takes a finite amount of effort to keep the websites current. Much of that time is used to determine which images might actually sell and then study them for fatal flaws that could damage my reputation as a photographer. (That is a joke since I remain a photographer in training at the very best)
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Where Has The Time Gone?

My last article completed our too short of a visit to the Utah National Parks. We left Utah in late May. While there was a significant time gap between leaving Utah and getting that last blog post out, this has been ridiculous. I do apologize.
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Our Final Days in Utah

Our final days in Utah started with our last remaining day of travel from our Panguitch base, so we tried to make the most of the day.  Our first stop of …

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